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About me

Hi! My name is Vladislav Mlejnecký and this is my simple personal web page with short info about me!

So, my name you already know. I’m student at University of Pardubice. I’m studying Communication and Microprocessor Technology, it is Bachelor’s program. I don’t live in Pardubice, I’m from small and nice village far far away from there but I will not tell you name of this village. :) But I can tell you that I’m from Czech Republic.

Let me say something about my hobbies. I’m really interested in electronic, especially in digital circuits like microcomputers, micro-controllers and so on. I’m programming ARM micro-controllers with Cortex M Core, in the past I programmed AVR micro-controllers and few historical processors like Intel 8080. I’m also programming for normal computers, a lot of Python and C# in past. I was a bit interested in PHP programming before long time… Now I’m playing with FPGA and spending a lot of time on my project called MARK II. So I write a lot of code in VHDL.

Some of my projects


If you interested to contact me, you can use one of my emails: